• Jun 29, 2023

New Silicone TIR Optic for Outdoor Lighting is Virtually Indestructible

Delivers 91% light transmission without sacrificing durability or performance.

A.L.P. is pleased to introduce the new 1100 Series, a Type V Total Internal Reflection (TIR) optic optimized for COBs with a Light Emitting Surface of up to 18mm.  Designed for use in outdoor lighting or other high-power applications, the optical-grade Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) optic provides excellent transmittance, impact resistance and high temperature operation while being immune to UV degradation. The 1100 Series offers 65-degree beam distribution, allowing for greater spacing while maintaining uniformity.

Its flange provides mounting features that are compatible with off-the-shelf frames, and bottom side of the optic includes mounting alignment features.


“18-V-W”:  18mm LED / type 5 (V) / Wide beam distribution

Designated LED size: 18

Light distribution type: V (5)

Beam description: Wide 


  • Excellent uniformity
  • Unlimited service lifetime
  • Mounting features matching other off-the-shelf optics
  • Greater than 91% light transmittance
  • Continuous service temperature range -45 to +200º C
  • Impact, chemical and UV resistant

In addition to manufacturing the innovative 1100 Series, A.L.P. has unsurpassed capacity and expertise in optical silicone molding. We can produce custom silicone components quickly and cost effectively, in either Charlevoix, MI or Monterrey, MX, with 80-ton, 180-ton, 220-ton, 240-ton and 660-ton press capacities.

Contact your Bill Brown Sales regional manager for more information.

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