Product Testing

In today’s competitive marketplace, getting new products evaluated and documented quickly helps get them to market quickly. A.L.P. can help take time out of the testing cycle for our customers, and time is money. 

The A.L.P. photometry lab is a state-of-the-art resource for our customers. It is fully equipped to conduct lighting testing, supply all vital data required for performance verification and certification, and support specification and purchasing decisions. Our lab, located in Charlevoix, MI is temperature controlled to meet standard testing protocols, and all reporting is issued in IES format.  For integrity, the lab's performance is verified with annual round-robin testing.

Testing is a value-added service, offered at no-charge to A.L.P. customers to help them do more and sell more. A.L.P. also offers testing services to the rest of the industry for a modest fee.


  • Charlevoix, MI



  • Photopia
  • Photometric Toolbox


  • Mirror Photometer with color capability
  • 50' tunnel for testing narrow beam signals, beacons, flood lights, emergency lights, etc.
  • A heat test chamber for evaluating maximum operating temperatures for fixtures
  • Eight custom "Whirlygig" 400W metal halide UV testing chambers for higher temperature testing (up to 120°C)