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Series 1100 LSR

Series 1100 LSR Liquid Silicone Rubber Type V Total Internal Reflection (TIR) optic is intended for use in outdoor or other high power applications using COBs with a light emitting surface of up to 18mm. The optical grade silicone provides excellent transmittance, impact resistance and high temperature operation while being immune to UV degradation. The 65º beam distribution allows greater spacing while maintaining uniformity.

The flange provides mounting features that are compatible with off-the-shelf frames. The bottom side of the optic includes mounting alignment features.


Outdoor area lighting including parking lots, intersections, dusk-to-dawn, rough service, and more.


  • Excellent uniformity
  • Unlimited service lifetime
  • Mounting features matching other off-the-shelf optics
  • Greater than 91% light transmittance
  • Continuous service temperature range -45 to +200º C
  • Impact, chemical and UV resistant


“18-V-W”: 18mm LED / Type 5 (V) / Wide Beam Distribution

Designated LED size: 18mm

Light Distribution Type: V (5)

Beam Description: Wide

Optical grade silicone


Description PDF
Type V Silicone Optic with Vero 40E4000D7 LED 07257