• Sep 1, 2016

Press Release: New Cost-Effective, Low-Profile, & Adaptable Reflectors


Expands highbay reflector series with aluminum options.

A.L.P.’s Reflek® brand announces the release of the new AL16 and AL22 highbay reflectors, made of spun, anodized aluminum.


These cost-efficient reflectors feature a flat top so that they can adapt to most LED Pod fixtures without the need for expensive collars. For enhanced optical performance, AL16 and AL22 reflectors are shallower than traditional reflectors, allowing for higher beam angles. They are suited for a variety of challenging LED fixture applications, including hot, harsh, and dirty environments.

Developed in conjunction with the reflector experts from A.L.P. LexaLite®, the AL16 and AL22 are designed to accept LexaLite brand bottom lenses, clamp bands, and accessories, as well as accommodate fixture openings up to 10 inches.

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