Hydroforming & Spinning

A.L.P. metal spinning and hydroforming operations combine art, science and technology to produce high-performance reflectors from aluminum disc blanks. Drawing on decades of A.L.P. tooling and manufacturing expertise, our Reflek® brand consistently exceeds expectations, offering high-efficiency reflectors that conserve energy and have a high level of aesthetic appeal. Made-to-order formed and fabricated components maximize recessed, high-bay, roadway and other lighting applications.


  • Lithia Springs, GA

Raw Materials

  • Aluminum (Prepainted White and Pre-anodized) up to .08" in circles and sheets of Cold-Rolled Steel up to .06"


Production Technology

  • Downlight Reflector Manufacturing

Equipment Size Range

  • Hydroforming Presses (Up to 25" Circles)
  • M & M Spinning Machines Small to Large
  • Auto and Manual Buffing
  • 5-Axis CNC Routers
  • Punch Presses - 20 Tons up to 50 Tons
  • Strippit CNC Turret Punch (44 Stations)
  • CNC Press Brakes (12 to 80 Tons, Up to 8')

Part Sizes Accommodated

  • 2" Reflectors up to 30" plus

Tooling Services

  • Minor Repairs and Engineering Changes
  • Tooling Project Management

Engineering Services

  • Product Design
  • Testing
  • Performance Verification

Secondary Operations

  • Assembly

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