• Aug 20, 2019

Press Release: A.L.P. LexaLite® Adds New 240-Ton Silicone Press

A.L.P. Lighting Components, a leading global manufacturer of lighting components and kits, has added to its capacity with a new 240-ton injection molding press.  This new equipment augments A.L.P.’s existing capacity of 180-, 240- and 660-ton presses, all of which run Moldable Optical Silicone (MOS).  The new press features a shot size up to 9 ounces, mold bases up to 24” x 24” ,and can produce parts up to 20” x 20”.

Optical silicone has valuable properties for lighting, automotive, and other demanding applications.  Optical silicone parts are impact and heat resistant while being less susceptible to degradation from UV.  Silicone also is known for its refraction, reflection, and diffusion properties, along with self-mounting and self-gasketing features.

A.L.P. has replenished its silicone resin inventory, recovering from recent supply chain issues felt throughout the injection molding industry.  “We struggled with the same shortages that everyone else did,” explains Tim DeYoung, A.L.P. LexaLite’s Director of Operations.  “Fortunately, we now have a good inventory of raw material, and we are ready to take on new business,” he adds.

A.L.P. has a long history as a premier supplier of custom injection molded components for lighting, automotive, medical, marine, point-of-purchase, and other industries.  A.L.P.’s expert team can collaborate on product design engineering, tool design and maintenance, innovative fast-track tooling, as well as offer materials expertise, production efficiencies, and distribution options.  A variety of secondary operations and finishing services also are available, including UV coating, metalizing, laser cutting, and assembly.  In addition to custom molding, A.L.P.’s LexaLite brand offers a comprehensive catalog of proprietary indoor and outdoor optical reflectors, as well as numerous high-performance LED fixture kits.

A.L.P. is an international leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of lighting components and components for other technical industries. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive line of products for OEMs and the aftermarket. For custom projects, our unique “360° Solutions” suite of custom services enables us to collaborate with customers at every stage of a product’s life cycle. Our core commitment is to provide superior service and product performance to every customer.

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