• Oct 3, 2016

Press Release: William Brown to receive the Louis B. Marks Award

Bill BrownA.L.P. is proud to announce that its founder, William Brown, will be presented with the Louis B. Marks Award, by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) in recognition of exceptional service to the Society of a non-technical nature. Mr. Brown joined IES in 1961 and has enthusiastically served as a leader, mentor, ambassador, promotor, and friend to many. The award ceremonies will be held at the annual Illumination Awards Dinner held on October 23, 2016, in Orlando, Florida.

Mr. Brown served on the IES Board of Directors from 1963-1965 and 1992-1995, during which time he actively recruited international members and unofficially liaised between the Society and the international lighting community. Many of the IES international relationships were formed, in large part, due to Mr. Brown’s consistent promotion of the Society during his travels. During Mr. Brown’s tenure on the Advisory Board to Lighting World in 1988, he was instrumental in brokering the arrangement with IALD and AMC that led to the creation of today’s Lightfair International, of which his company, A.L.P., is a founding sponsor and supporter.

Mr. Brown has also served as member and chair of multiple Society committees including Marketing, Regional Planning, History and Heritage, Strategic Planning, Long Range Planning, and International Relationships. In 1999, Mr. Brown received the IES Distinguished Service Award.

At the local level, Mr. Brown has contributed to the IES Chicago Section by sponsoring members’ attendance of the IES Annual Conference and urging attendance of committee meetings. He is also a volunteer liaison with IALD, USNC/CIE, and numerous international lighting organizations.