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LiteLids® are patented aluminum reflectors that fit between the top and bottom refractors to reduce upward light and increase downward efficiencies. Available in non-perforated or perforated versions.


Designed for use with our post top acorn 424/425 Lindy®, 401 Lineman™  and 408 Little Lindy® Models. LiteLids® should be utilized in light pollution sensitive areas to redirect potentially wasted upward light into increased downward efficiencies.


  • Being Night Sky Friendly they decrease upward light 30-40% and increase downlight by 20-25%
  • Perforated LiteLids® allow just enough upward light for a pleasing glow.
  • Non-perforated LiteLids® allow no upward light in lighting fixture.


Model 408
13.78” diameter
Model 408N Non-perforated
Model 408P Perforated

Model 401/424/425
15.5” diameter
Model 424/425N Non-perforated
Model 424/425P Perforated
Litelids fit 401 Lineman Post Top


Optional Add-Ons

408 Little Lindy

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424 The Lindy

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425 The Lindy

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