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401 Lineman™

A.L.P. LexaLite® The Lineman™ Model 401 is a utility-grade post-top that offers a traditional turn-of-the-century shape, modern material choices and is an economical alternative to other performance globes. The configurable top allows multiple finished shapes; by adding the cap and/or a finial, the overall appearance can be tuned for the application. The maximum diameter is the same 15.9” as our popular Lindy® refractor, thus providing the potential for component sharing. The innovative locking design allows the top and bottom to be efficiently shipped and then permanently field assembled with no tools.


The Lineman is intended for use in parks, along walkways, roadways, or areas where a distinctive nostalgic theme is prevalent. Compatible with LED lamp sources and poles with a height of 10’ to 20’. Before final installation, dissipate static on parts by spraying with destaticized air or by wiping with a clean damp rag. This will help minimize dust build-up.


  • Configurable top allows several finished shapes from one base product offering.
  • Internal vertical optics coupled with external texture provides maximum LED hiding
  • Clear acrylic and Lumieo™ versions provide exceptional efficacy.
  • The Lineman is made from UV-stable materials, which may include internally recycled content – an environmentally responsible choice that does not compromise performance.
  • Available in Type V symmetrical distribution; Other distributions possible with asymmetric light engines.
  • 425 Lindy Bottoms are now compatible with 401 Lineman Top Configurations.


26.3” Height (with cap, no finial) 15.9” diameter 8” or 9” fitters

Clear Acrylic
Lumieo™ Acrylic

Cap Ring (Bug guard)
425 Lindy Bottoms
Aluminum Neck Ring
Post Top Fitter


Description PDF
Lineman Post Top Acrylic Clear Type V Light Source Middle Ring of Meds Located 1.25” Above Laser 07101A

Optional Add-Ons

425 Lindy Bottom

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Spike Finial

9" Post-Top Capital Fitter

Aluminum Neck Ring