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405 Rayder™

The Rayder™ post top prismatic sphere from A.L.P. LexaLite® has a traditional 19th-century shape with modern photometric performance. The assembled refractor bottom and top are 19.2” in diameter, and are available with either 8” diameter fitters or custom bottom openings. The Rayder is shipped quantities of 5 units (top/bottom) per carton. Each bottom has a high bond double-sided tape with peel-off film adhered to the flange. Simply peel off the protective layer and adhere the top to the bottom, and the unit is ready for mounting!


Rayder prismatic spheres are ideal for use in HOAs, gated communities, amusement parks, shopping malls, nature parks, along walkways and roadways or areas where a distinctive nostalgic theme is prevalent. Compatible with LED and other lamp sources and poles with the height of 10’ to 20’.

Before final installation, dissipate static on parts by spraying with de-staticized air or by wiping with a clean damp rag. This will help minimize dust build up.


  • Intended for use with LED or other light sources up to 150 watts
  • Ideal source has the desired uplight component to present a uniformly glowing appearance.
  • Exceptional glare control while providing vertical illumination.
  • Applications where brightness control is paramount.


17.8” height
19.2” diameter


8” Fitter
Black Neck Ring


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Rayder Type V Acrylic Clear with 55W Type V Flat Board LED 07016