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Suspension Systems Catalog

A.L.P. offers the complete assembly available from one source featuring the latest technologies for ceiling suspension of lighting fixtures. Changing regulation and design preference has increased the demand for suspended luminaires. A good flexible suspension kit, with a simple and effective method of changing luminaire height and leveling, addresses these preferences.

We have co-developed a range of systems that will meet lighting manufacturers’ current requirements, as well as innovation requirements for the next generation of fixture designs.

A.L.P.’s knowledge and engineering excellence, combined with patented gripper system technology, has exceeded our design goals and aspirations.


For use in replacement, retrofit, computer task areas, general office, display lighting, under counter retail lighting and signage.


Kitting Options
It is our strong recommendation that the complete solution is purchased from A.L.P. suitably packed, bar coded and labelled as per your specific design criteria. Systems can be provided and packed as single suspension wires, gripper and ceiling attachment or as a kit for direct supply with the complete luminaire. It is supplied as a kit without the need for additional assembly and modification when it is delivered to your facility.

Ceiling Attachment
This attachment provides a firm anchor for the suspension system wire to locate onto the ceiling. In the standard configuration, the attachment barrel is screwed onto the ceiling, and the suspension wire is threaded through the collar-locking nut, with the nipple at the end of the suspension wire locating into the collar, which is then screwed into the barrel.

Cable System
A variety of cable length and diameter options are available and should be discussed with your technical representative to ensure fitness for purpose and suitability of gripper choice.

The gripper provides the mechanism for raising and lowering the luminaire on the suspension wire.

Hidden Profile
Gripper is secured into the luminaire and not visible.

Visible Profile Side Exit
Gripper is secured into the luminaire, forms part of the luminare profiling and the suspension cable extends from the side of the gripper not into the cavity inside the luminaire.

Visible Profile Bottom Exit
Gripper is secured into the luminare, forms part of the luminare profiling and the suspension cable extends into the cavity inside the luminaire.

Y Section Self Leveling
The Gripper is positioned on a single suspension wire , and has a separate Y section connected to the gripper and the luminaire. This enables the raising and lowering of the luminaire, simply and effectively with self leveling.