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S12 Low Bay Reflexor®

The S12 is a optic intended for use with LED low bays and pendant sources. Unlike traditional reflectors, the S12 is shallow so as to allow high beam angles. Its flat top allows it to be easily adapted to most any fixture without the need for expensive collars. The lower flange mimics traditional reflectors allowing for a wide range of bottom lenses and standard clamp bands.


Low bay and decorative pendant applications where a traditional fixture appearance, brightness control and/or wide distribution are desirable. Before final installation of Reflexors, dissipate static on parts by spraying with de-staticized air or by wiping with a clean damp rag. This will help minimize dust build up on the Reflexor.


  • Rated up to 175 watts.
  • Provides a traditional yet low profile appearance
  • Adaptable to any LED UFO/POD with an opening of up to 6.87 inches
  • Available in UV stabilized Acrylic in Clear, Moon Glow™ (for moderate diffusion), Lumieo™ (for greater diffusion) for high efficiency in general lighting or Interface® version yields high down light efficiency and a gentle glow for maximum brightness control.
  • Additional up-light is provided with the use of material such as Moon Glow or Lumieo.
  • Available in Clear Polycarbonate for areas where breakage and high ambient heat are concerns.
  • Molded with a closed flat top or choose a custom hole pattern up to 6.87” opening to best fit Light Engine of choice.
  • Accommodates standard 12” diameter bottom lenses to be held in place by a clamp band. Primarily for applications where brightness control is paramount. Bottom lenses also enhance up-light.


6.5” height
12” diameter

Moon Glow™
Vacuum Metalized Interior
Colors available upon request

Smooth Flat Lens
Smooth Domed Lens
Conical Drop Lens
Aluminum clamp band


Description PDF
S12 Clear Acrylic Low Bay with 60W LED POD 06232
S12 Lumieo® Acrylic Low Bay with 60W LED POD 06233
S12 Moon Glow™ Acrylic Low Bay with 60W LED POD 06234


LED Grade Acrylic


Interface® Acrylic

Acrylic Moon Glow™


Optional Add-Ons

12" Conical Drop Lens Clear Acrylic

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12" Conical Drop Lens Lumieo Acrylic

View Assembly

12" Smooth Dome Lens

View Assembly

12" Clamp Band