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PLIN Series 4’ and 8’

The PLIN linear oval architectural luminaire kit, with its specific contemporary design, provides direct and indirect light for your interior environment. Painted in matte white finish to guarantee a high reflectance and smooth light output. The rounded technical acrylic diffuser (not included) with 90% light transition hides the LED image and spreads the light evenly throughout the lit space. Can be mounted individually or in continuous row.


Suitable for interior applications including; office, hotel, education, healthcare, and retail environments.


  • Pendant mounted
  • Post painted in matte white finish with 92% reflectance
  • Direct/indirect light
  • Formed and welded in 22-gauge steel
  • Can be mounted individually or in continuous row
  • Recommend acrylic technical frosted diffuser (not included) with 90% light transmission
  • Easy removal of diffuser without any tools
  • Customized LED pattern holes available, consult customer service


4’ Dimensions
Length 48.11”
Width 11”
Height 4”

8’ Dimensions
Length 94.17”
Width 11”
Height 4”

22-Gauge Steel

Lens (not Included)
Acrylic technical frosted diffuser

Post painted matte white with minimum
92% reflectivity

Pendant mount or continuous row