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Gripper and V-Hook Suspension Kit

Lighting grippers and suspension kits from A.L.P. offer value, versatility and field adjust ability. Featuring the latest technology in ceiling fixture suspension, A.L.P.’s systems are both durable and flexible. Fixtures are raised and lowered on the suspension wire for fast, cost-effective installation and easy adjustment, with significantly lower labor cost. Crafted of the highest quality material, including internal stainless steel ball bearings, this kit offers the integrity that lighting OEMs require.

Kits available in six and ten foot lengths with or without V-Hook, in order to hang one complete fixture.


For use with high bay hanging and general fixture hanging.


  • The 1018000 gripper is designed to work with V-hook 5011000
  • Adjustment at the fixture level means less time on a ladder or lift
  • Unlike traditional chain hanging, no need to spend time measuring or
    waste scrap
  • Cables are pre-looped at end for easy installation. Simply throw the cable over the strut, feed through the end loop, and cinch to secure
  • Cable suspension offers a cleaner look than chain and collects less dust


General Description
Integrated gripper and V-Hook, kitted with cable

Galvanized steel cable, brass gripper body, stainless steel ball bearings

40 lbs. per gripper


Ordering Information Boxed
100/carton— 2 gripper assembly, cable per kit

1018000 Gripper
5011000 V-Hook

Gripper and cable
1018003-6’ cable
1018003-10’ cable

Gripper, V-Hook, cable
5011003- 6’ cable
5011003-10’ cable

Cable Diameter
1/16” (1.5mm)

Max Weight
40 lbs. per gripper