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351 Drop Lenses

This 16” diameter drop lens produces excellent illumination. The sleek design allows it to look good on its own or apply to 816 or S16 Reflexors®.


Used in medium-bay or low-bay industrial and commercial lighting applications. Compatible with LED modules, compact fluorescent, and vertical burning HID lamp sources.

To avoid detrimental internal reflections and high temperatures inside the drop lens, proper luminaire design is required. Thermal testing should be conducted on each luminaire, with the proposed light source in its selected position to confirm lamp size suitability, or to predict service life of the lens.

Before final installation, dissipate static on parts by spraying with de-staticized air or by wiping with a clean, damp rag. This will help minimize dust build up.


  • Rated up to 250watts
  • Available in UV stabilized Acrylic in Lighting or LED Grade Clear, Moon Glow™ (for moderate diffusion), and Lumieo™ (for greater diffusion).
  • Also available in Clear Polycarbonate with or without UvaLex® for areas where breakage and high ambient heat are concerns.
  • Available in Type II which provides roadway and street lighting and Type V symmetrical lighting.
  • This lens produces excellent illumination and uniformity when combined with our Model 816 and S16 Reflexors®.


15.9” diameter
3.50” depth

Moon Glow™
Polycarbonate with or without UvaLex®:


Description PDF
Model 351 with 816 prismatic reflector, cast metal mounting ring, metal support rods, formed plastic prismatic drop refractor. Light center location positioned 7.0” Above lower rim of reflector. 34827

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