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Asymmetric Lens DASSL™ 2×4

DASSL™ (Diffuse Asymmetric Symmetric Surgery Lens) can be assembled in recessed or surface mounted luminaires. The new biased diffuse microstructure lens provides improved LED hiding power, smooth distribution, and both symmetrical (along axis) and asymmetrical (cross axis) lighting distributions. Unlike the T620A or other linear optic lenses, lamp alignment has less impact on distribution.


DASSL Lens is ideally suited for surgical suite lighting or similar applications where an asymmetric distribution provides more light on a targeted work surface. A conductive grid which shields electromagnetic interference (EMI/RFI) that can help the fixture comply with the requirements of MIL-STD-461(E) standard.

For use in commercial, institutional, hospital, retail and residential applications


  • The table side/room side split is 58% to 42%.
  • The Asymmetric lobe has a main beam angle of 17.5 degrees.
  • The photometric data from test 06975 shows beam distribution from a 6-board LED fixture that achieves 20114 lumens.
  • DASSL lenses are designed for 2’ x 4’ fixtures, but custom sizes are also available.

Lamp Data

  • LED board and tube lamps, T5 and T8 fluorescent sources are appropriate for use with the DASSL.



Custom sizes available

Warp tolerance: Flat to + .25”

Standard Material:
RFI shielding available