lighting products

390 Series Wraparound

A low-profile, narrow two-light fluorescent wraparound. All parts snap together for easy installation and maintenance. Housing accepts lift-and-shift lenses and frames. New low profile ballast cover prevents center shadows.


For use in industrial and garage applications as well as kitchens, offices and storage rooms.


  • Side flanges reinforce for maximum rigidity
  • Accepts lift-and-shift prismatic lenses and reverse form puffs
  • Smooth hemmed sides for safe handling
  • Same ends for wrap and puff
  • One standard ballast cover for all wraps 2- and 4-foot
  • Advanced microprism clear acrylic lens design provides excellent lamp obscuration
  • Linear sides provide excellent light distribution and put more light in task areas
  • Manufactured from durable DR/Acrylic polymer blend


Die-formed heavy-gauge steel

Snap on tightly to the housing
Formed tabs hold two slide-on sockets

Ballast Cover
Snaps into housing to cover ballast and wires

Pre-painted white polyster polymer with minimum 82% reflectivity

Units may be surface or stem mounted, individually or in continuous rows

Prismatic Lens
Microprism clear acrylic