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Series I44/F44 and F49

These security lenses will protect the light source against abuse. The added thickness of UV stabilized polycarbonate enhanced by the prism design produces a high quality lens.

1 Lite and 2 Lite versions are available, with and without gaskets. The Series I44 is injection molded. The F44 and F49 are pressure formed. The Series F49 is a deeper (4-1/2”) lens.


For use in high vandal risk locations like schools, public housing complexes, parking garages, hospitals, police precincts and recreational facilities.


The F44 and F49 diffusers are manufactured using .177” thick clear polycarbonate with pyramidal prism design on the bottom and vertical perimeter rib for maximum light control and efficiency.

The I44 is injection molded from clear polycarbonate and has prisms on both the inside and outside for superior lamp hiding ability.

Series I44/F44 and F49 components are available in one lamp and two lamp designs. These designs are capable of being used with linear or horizontal fluorescent lamps.


1 Lite
2 Lite

Security Lenses for Commercial and Institutional Applications

Material: Clear Polycarbonate

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