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Series I22 and I33

The Series I22 and I33 are injection molded drop lenses are manufactured using clear acrylic or clear polycarbonate. The prism structure provides an excellent aesthetical design features with superior performance.


The Series I22 and I33 is designed for commercial and institutional applications where a square light distribution is required. The external prisms provide exceptional glare control. Thermal testing is recommended for each luminaire design to confirm appropriate lamp sizes. The NEC requires luminaires listed for use with Metal halide lamps to either utilize an open fixture rated lamp or a lamp containment barrier recognized by testing per Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Safety Standard 1598 clause 16.29 or equivalent. Records of this testing are the responsibility of the luminaire manufacturer.


  • UL recognized acrylic and polycarbonate materials
  • Capable of being used with HID, incandescent, CFL, LED and various other fluorescent lamps depending on the luminaire


Series I22

Series I33

Acrylic Clear
Polycarbonate Clear