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PAL Protect-A-Lamp

Protect-A-Lamp sleeves, or PALs, guard against the inherent dangers of fluorescent lamp breakage by retaining the shattered glass and phosphors. They are made of clear extruded polycarbonate, featuring high tensile strength over a wide temperature range and high impact strength even at low temperatures. PAL sleeves also protect lamps against dirt, dust, bugs and flying insects.


Any area in which contamination may occur due to lamp breakage including food processing plants, schools, hospitals, department stores, libraries, museums and art galleries.


  • Reduce cleaning cycles and minimize lamp replacement due to breakage.
  • Snug end caps hold lamps in place, even if broken, preventing tubes
    from falling.
  • HO (800MA) high output lamps create excessive heat at lamp ends. Heat sink screens spread this heat to avoid sleeve deterioration.
  • Two End Caps are supplied with each sleeve.
  • Two PAL HS Heat Sink screens are supplied with each HO and VHO sleeve.


Clear polycarbonate

End Caps:
Heat resistant polycarbonate plastic

PALs safely protect T8 lamps when they are operated by electromagnetic ballasts, or are used in conjunction with electronic high efficiency ballasts that are designed to prevent overheating at the end of lamp life. A.L.P. does not recommend using protective sleeves (PALs) on T8 lamps under any other conditions.