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KDS Knockdown 2-Light Strip

An all-purpose two-light fluorescent economy strip fixture kit suitable for a wide range of applications.

All fixture parts snap together for easy installation and maintenance. Side knockouts are included for a convenience outlet, pull switch and conduit.


Suitable for commercial, light industrial and institutional applications such as offices, hospitals, schools and retail. Intended for surface or suspended mounting.


Double KO access on 4 ft and longer to facilitate wiring of units for multiple ballast configurations.

Snap-in end cap for faster and easier assembly.

Large selection of end plates available for a multitude of applications

Dual function end cap allows for row mounting by sliding into built-in aligning lances.

Cable mounting in the center for greater adaptability.

Universal Yoke and Toggle Kit suspension option available.

All KDS bodies include the following options:

• KO for suspension
• Side KO for conduit
• Pull switch KO
• Starter KO
• Convenience outlet KO


Die-formed heavy-gauge cold rolled steel.

Snap-on type to simplify installation. Two covers are used for 30-watt tandem and 40-watt tandems.

Ends and Socket Plates
Snap-in type. Ends also function as coupler for continuous row mounting. Socket plates accept slide-on or screw-down sockets.

Pre-painted white polyster polymer with minimum 82% reflectivity

Surface or pendant mount, individually or in continuous rows. Sufficient knockouts are provided.

Optional Add-Ons

Universal Yoke and Toggle Suspension Kit

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