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I43 Security Lenses 12 x 12 x 2.5

These injection molded lenses are manufactured using clear and frost acrylic or clear polycarbonate. The polycarbonate version provides protection of the light source against abuse, such as severe impact and vandalism. This new shallow 12×12 version is intended for use with existing die cast housings, such as the QSSI VN41. The prism structure provides excellent lamp hiding power and improves the distribution for better uniformity. With an appropriate LED light the I43 shallow can meet DLC parking garage distribution requirements. With internal reflectors, it can also meet DLC Canopy requirements.


The I43 is intended to be used with LED luminaires. In most cases its shallow depth will preclude the use of HID, fluorescent or other traditional sources. These molded lenses are suitable for interior and exterior applications.

Before final installation, dissipate static on parts by spraying with de-staticized air or by wiping with a clean, damp rag. This will help minimize dust build up.


  • Square prism pattern provides a square distribution
  • Textured bottom optics improve efficacy and lamp hiding
  • US made refractor improves made in the USA content
  • UL recognized acrylic and polycarbonate materials
  • For Class I devices, Flame Retardant Polycarbonate is recommended. It has been tested to UL94 5” Flame Test protocol and is a UL recognized component.


2.5” diameter
12” height
12” width

Fire Retardant