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305 and 306 Square Drop Lenses

These 12” x 12” lenses have a 2.5” depth. Their precise optics and shallow depth make them excellent for low mounting height installations where brightness and glare control are important considerations.


Designed for vertical wall mount and tunnel lighting or horizontal as a drop lens in area and canopy lighting. Compatible with HID, halogen and compact fluorescent, and LED lamps sources.

Before final installation, dissipate static on parts by spraying with de-staticized air or by wiping with a clean, damp rag. This will help minimize dust build up.


  • Rated up to 176watts
  • Available in Type II which provides roadway and street lighting and Type V symmetrical lighting.
  • Model 305 is molded of UV stabilized Clear Acrylic for high efficiency in general lighting applications.
  • Model 306 is molded with Clear Polycarbonate with or without UvaLex® for areas where breakage and high ambient heat are concerns.


12” length
12” width
2.5” depth

Polycarbonate with or without UvaLex®:


Description PDF
306 with fabricated metal housing, fabricated diffuse metal reflector and side panels, clear drop polycarbonate prismatic lens oriented with the “x” side toward the socket. 306-41903