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SEI Pivot End Shallow Economy Industrial

A high quality, all-purpose economy Industrial with symmetrical reflector and patented pivoting end plates. On an assembled fixture, the pivoting ends fold down to protect the sockets and provide compact shipping and storage. When rotated 90 degrees into upright position, the ends snap and lock into place.


Suitable for commercial, light industrial and institutional applications such as offices, hospitals, schools and retail. Intended for surface or suspended mounting.


  • KO for chain hanger
  • Side KO for conduit
  • Pull switch KO
  • Starter KO
  • Convenience outlet KO
  • Fabricated in two sections for 72” and 96” bodies to simplify installation
  • Aligners available for tandem configurations and continuous runs
  • Can be installed as individual units or in continuous rows


Die-formed heavy-gauge cold rolled steel

One end of reflector slides into socket plate and the other end is held on by a cam-lock (not included)

Ends and Socket Plates
Patented pop rivet into position

Accepts slide-on or screw-on sockets

Pre-painted white polyster polymer with minimum 82% reflectivity

Surface, stem or chain hanging