lighting products

SDI Recessed Side Direct/Indirect

An attractive direct/indirect fluorescent fixture housing with side-mounted lamps. The SDI provides soft, balanced illumination for a contemporary appearance and comfortable light environment.


Suitable for recessed commercial and institutional applications such as offices, hospitals and schools. Intended for use in standard 15/16” inverted T-bar grid ceilings.


The housing and two lamp compartments are fully recessed above the ceiling plane, minimizing lamp exposure

The perforated baffles and curved reflector produce a combination of direct and indirect light, fully illuminating the fixture housing.


Heavy-gauge cold rolled steel

Perforated Basket
White perforated metal basket with white opal acrylic diffuser inlay

(2) Biax, Dulux L or PL-L type with 2G11 bases, or (2) F14/4T5 or
F24/T5HO type for 2×2

(4) Biax, Dulux L or PL-L type with 2G11 bases, or (4) F28/T5 or
F54/T5HO type for 2×4

Pre-painted white polyster polymer with minimum 82% reflectivity

Standard troffer mounting for easy installation in T-bar ceilings
with earthquake feature