lighting products

RVC Series

The RVC volumetric low profile direct/indirect center lens unwired fixture kit provides a soft and smooth low glare ambient light and ultra-efficient illumination for today’s commercial buildings. The rounded lens together with the high reflectance matte finish ensures a quality lighting installation that is highly efficient and sustainable.


Suitable for interior applications including; office, hotel, education, healthcare, and retail environments.


  • Recessed or surface mounted
  • Post painted in matte white finish with 92% reflectance
  • Acrylic technical frosted diffuser with 90% light transmission
  • Formed and welded in 24-gauge steel
  • Easy removal of diffuser, without any tools
  • Customized LED pattern holes available, consult customer service
  • Volumetric low-cost center lens
  • Screwless assembly


1×4’ Dimensions
Length 47.71”
Width 11.84”
Height 3.36”

2×2’ Dimensions
Length 23.72”
Width 23.72”
Height 3.36”

2×4’ Dimensions
Length 47.71”
Width 23.72”
Height 3.36”

24-gauge steel

Acrylic technical frosted diffuser

Post painted matte white with minimum
92% reflectivity