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An attractive 2×2 and 2×4 center basket direct/indirect fixture kit, the RDI provides soft, balanced illumination for a contemporary appearance and comfortable, low glare light. The housing and LED lamp modules are fully recessed above the ceiling plane, minimizing lamp exposure.

The acrylic lens wraps around the LED modules or lamps to provide the ideal combination of efficiency and aesthetics. The curved reflectors produce a combination of direct and indirect light, fully illuminating the fixture housing.

The contoured panels of the unit are finished in high reflectance matte white that provide a low-brightness glow, with the majority of the light controlled through the center.


Suitable for recessed commercial and institutional applications such as offices, hospitals, schools etc. For use with standard 15/16” grid ceiling systems.


  • Reflectors and ends feature specially formulated proprietary matte white paint to enhance efficiency
  • Linear arrayed LEDs provide soft, effective illumination


Die-formed heavy-gauge cold rolled steel

Basket Options
Clear acrylic or clear w/overlay “Double Bubble” lens or high transmission extruded acrylic baskets

Pre-painted white polyster polymer with minimum 82% reflectivity

Standard troffer mounting for T-bar ceilings, with earthquake feature

Light Source
A.L.P will support design and development with customer supplied light engines.