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Kwik Change™ Steel Frame

Kwik Change™ Steel Frame retrofit system an instant solution for louver and lens replacement. Replacing yellowing, damaged or glare producing lenses easily with the Kwik Change Frame.


Retrofit solution for louver or lens replacement that is easy to install without any special notching or custom installation.


Featuring a new positive latching mechanism for easy re-lamping.

The Kwik Change Steel Frame now has the option of installing a wire guard over the lens for maximum protection.

No Measuring

  • Kwik Change always fits perfectly
  • Eliminates the hassle of mis-measured replacements

No Cutting or Special Orders

  • Kwik Change fits Standard grid ceilings
  • New Positive Latching Mechanism makes re-lamping easy.
  • Ready to deliver directly from stock


Kwik Change is available with:
Paralite 1
Paralite 2
Paralite 5
ALP 120 Prismatic lens

Wire Guard