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ELFT15 Concave Body Troffer Luminaire Component Kit 2×2

The ELFT15 compound concave body troffer luminaire component kit is an unwired LED fixture kit that features a diffuser highlighted by a unique compound curved architecturally shaped center section.  It leverages an Architectural FT15 Troffer Diffuser from RLR Industries with A.L.P.’s proven, durable 2’x2’ EL housings and door frame for performance and versatility.  A new, low profile external driver box improves performance and efficiency.


For use in commercial applications such as offices, schools, lobbies and any space which utilizes grid ceiling systems and uses troffers for illumination.


  • Available in standard 2’x2’ size
  • Driver is mounted outside the fixture cavity in a spec grade driver box with multiple wiring entry points
  • Complete access to the driver compartment is available from the floor side of the installed unit
  • Designed for use with Emitter LED boards (not provided)


2’x2’ constructed with proprietary blend of LED acrylic and impact acrylic resins.

Light transmission
Approximately 75% with excellent pixel hiding power. Custom Formulations with higher Light Transmission and higher pixel hiding power available upon request.

3-3/4” deep. Die-formed 23-gauge steel.

Snap into housing or can be secured with #8 x 3/8” screw or 1/8” pop rivet with 1/8” to 3/16” grip (not included).

Driver Box
Mounted outside the fixture and access to the driver compartment is available from the floor side of the installed unit.

Housing Finish
White polyester polymer with a minimum 82% reflectivity.