lighting products

DBL Series

DBL Series Parabolic LED fixture kits, available in three standard sizes, direct light downwards for maximum control and visual comfort. The unwired kits feature nine-cell parabolic louvers to reduce shadows and glare, and they blend with contemporary indoor commercial ceilings.


Suitable for open area interior applications including office, hotel, education, healthcare, and retail environments.


  • Designed for LED tube applications for maximum versatility. (LED tubes not included).
  • Lay-in design is easy to install in standard inverted T-bar grid ceilings.
  • Features hemmed sides and inward-formed end flanges for easy handling.
  • Opens with spring latches for easy maintenance and relamping.
  • Includes socket covers for a seamless, safe finish.
  • T-Bar clips are included.


1×4’ Dimensions
Length 47.72”
Width 11.85”
Height 3.07”

2×2’ Dimensions
Length 23.7”
Width 23.75”
Height 3.07”

2×4’ Dimensions
Length 47.72”
Width 23.75”
Height 3.07”

26-gauge cold rolled steel

Optical System
Nine-cell matte aluminum parabolic troffer

Post painted matte white with minimum 82% reflectivity